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Ask ASU Career Services

Find answers to your career questions in our searchable FAQ.

How can I make a career advising appointment?

397 views   |   31   20   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013   

ASU students and alumni can make an advising appointment by contacting the campus most convenient to them and speaking with a Career Services representative.... read more

How can I prepare for an interview?

300 views   |   33   26   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013   

Good interview preparation is important in order to be a competitve candidate.  Check out the ASU Career Guide to start preparing.... read more

How can I search for jobs or internships using Sun Devil CareerLink?

281 views   |   30   29   |   Last updated on May 20, 2013   

Sun Devil CareerLink is a job search database available to all ASU students and alumni.  Create an account today to view more than 14,000 jobs and internships that are posted annually.... read more

How can I get help creating or editing my resume?

182 views   |   24   23   |   Last updated on May 20, 2013   

ASU Career Services offers several resources to students and alumni for creating and editing a resume.  You can start with reviewing a resume tutorial on the ASU Career Guide.  Once you have a draft of your resume, feel free to submit it for review through the resume drop-box link at the bottom of the Career Services Homepage or visit a Career Services office to have it reviewed by a Career Adviso... read more

As an employer, how can I learn more about becoming involved with recruiting at ASU?

158 views   |   27   27   |   Last updated on May 21, 2013   

ASU Career Services hosts approximately 30 career fairs and events each year.  Some of these events are specialized for given student populations while others are open to all majors.  Check out a list of events for this semester.  Employers can also post positions and schedule interviews through Sun Devil CareerLink.  This system is FREE to both students and employers!... read more

As a former ASU student, can I schedule a career advising appointment?

143 views   |   25   30   |   Last updated on May 13, 2013   

All digital resources, drop-in hours and events/workshops are free to alumni.  For 1-1 career coaching appointments, there is a fee structure based on your level of membership with ASU’s Alumni Association. ... read more

What is the average salary of a new ASU graduate?

136 views   |   23   27   |   Last updated on May 20, 2013   

The salary that a new graduate earns is dependent on many factors including professional field, geographic location, and previous experience.  The Post-Graduation Statistics page has a search titled “Salary Average and Range by Major Search” which will provide some insight.... read more

Which employers most often make employment offers to ASU Graduates?

112 views   |   23   26   |   Last updated on May 20, 2013   

Graduates from ASU receive employment offers from small, medium, and large organizations in Arizona, the Western US, across the country, and in many foreign countries as well.  According to student submissions on ASU Graduating Surveys, some of the most active hiring organizations include: Amazon.comAmerican ExpressArizona Department of Economic Security (DES)Arizona Public Service (APS)Arizona St... read more

How can I post a job or internship for ASU students and alumni?

106 views   |   30   24   |   Last updated on Mar 26, 2013   

Sun Devil CareerLink is a job search database available to all ASU students and alumni.  Thousands of employers take advantage of this system to post available positions to qualified candidates.  Create your account today and also review some Sun Devil CareerLink tips to get you started in posting positions.... read more

How can I select a major that would be a good fit for me?

97 views   |   26   29   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013   

Selecting a major can oftentimes feel overwhelming.  Good planning and understanding which majors are good fits for your personality, values, skills, interests, life experiences, and needs and wants is a great place to start.... read more

Is it possible to negotiate a salary offer I receive from an employer?

83 views   |   27   25   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013   

It is sometimes possible to negotiate salary and other job offer items with an employer.  Before starting a negotiation, be sure review some key strategies.  Also, consider that salary is just one aspect of total compensation that you may want to negotiate. ... read more

What can I do as a parent to assist my son or daughter with the career development process?

76 views   |   30   21   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013   

A parent is oftentimes one of the most influential people considered during a student’s career decision-making process.  Learn more about how you can support your student as he or she makes career decisions.... read more

How do I decline a job offer in a tactful manner?

72 views   |   24   27   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013   

If you choose to decline a job offer, it is important that you do so in a way that shows your appreciation and also allows for you to maintain good relations with the offering organization.  You never know if your paths will cross again in the future!... read more

Which job search strategies are recommended by ASU Career Services?

71 views   |   24   22   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013   

Taking a multi-faceted approach to the job search oftentimes yields the most successful results.  This includes networking, attending career fairs, gaining internship experiences, and using resources like Sun Devil CareerLink.  ... read more

Are graduates from ASU successful in obtaining employment upon graduation?

70 views   |   25   19   |   Last updated on May 13, 2013   

Of the recent graduates who reported wanting to work after graduation, 83.4 percent of undergraduate and 89 percent of graduate students reported in their 90-day graduation follow-up survey that they were either working or had received at least one job offer. ... read more

How can I learn whether graduate school is right for me?

69 views   |   25   27   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013   

There are several factors, such as considering which programs are best for you and your career goals, which are important to consider in making the important decision of whether or not to obtain an advanced degree.  ... read more

Why is it important to complete an internship?

68 views   |   24   27   |   Last updated on May 20, 2013   

Internships allow for students to gain practical experiences which are extremely valuable to employers.  Further students can develop professional contacts that will help with future job searches.  ... read more

What helpful resources are recommended for students who are seeking internships or job opportunities abroad?

67 views   |   26   24   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013   

Students who plan to seek opportunities in other countries should access Going Global, a comprehensive resource which provides information about international opportunities, legal considerations, and more!... read more

As a Veteran what types of job search resources may be helpful for me?

67 views   |   27   25   |   Last updated on May 10, 2013   

As more and more veterans return to this country after serving in the Armed Forces, there is an increasing need for specialized resources.  ASU Career Services recommends some Helpful Links specifically designed with the needs of Veteran’s in mind... read more

Are current ASU faculty and staff permitted to access career development services?

65 views   |   27   28   |   Last updated on May 20, 2013   

Yes. ASU Career Services does offer support for university faculty and staff.  Please contact the campus most convenient to you for more information.  ... read more

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